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The Benefits of Removable Car Stickers

If you want a sticker on your car, you have the choice of different types of materials. You can choose permanent stickers or removable stickers.

For us, removable stickers have more benefits. First, let me explain which materials are available if you want to order a car sticker on the market.

Permanent Stickers Materials

If you want a permanent car sticker, you can choose from white and transparent vinyl and doming stickers. Doming stickers can be made of white, transparent and silver vinyl. Then the stickers are finished with a 3D resin layer.

This finishing gives the stickers an exclusive appearance. Doming stickers are often used on cars to indicate the brand. If you want to order a removable car sticker online, you can choose from the following materials: magnetic foil, static vinyl, and Polypropylene white film.

Removable Stickers Materials

Magnetic film is suitable for the vehicle itself. This material can only be stuck on ferrous metals. That is why it is essential first to check the place where you want to attach the sticker on. Nowadays, bumpers and the like are often made of plastic. You can not use magnetic foil stickers on aluminum or plastic.

Stickers for Car Windows

Static vinyl and Polypropylene white film are suitable for car windows. This material is not ideal for outdoor use. With static vinyl, this is not a problem, because the transparent side can be printed on the adhesive side.

This allows you to stick the sticker on the inside while you see the print on the outside. Although not all kinds of static vinyl and Polypropylene white film are suitable for outdoor use, you can still see stickers of these materials on cars. Car sellers use it for example for vehicles that are in the showroom.

Benefits of Removable Car Stickers

One of the advantages of removable car stickers is that you can easily remove them and that you do not suffer from glue residues. This is why these types of stickers are popular within the car dealers. If you want to sell a car, you don’t want to waste a time with the removal of stickers and glue residues, right?

Another advantage of removable car stickers is that you can use them multiple times. This way, you can wash the adhesive side of the Polypropylene white film with water. After that, it will look new again. This way you can save money in the long term.

Useful for Temporary Advertising

Magnetic stickers are helpful if you want temporary advertising on your car. For example, because you want to make a promotion for a specific product or service. Alternatively, if you do not always want to drive around with advertising, because you use your car for multiple purposes. With magnetic stickers, you have to be careful with rust when applying for a long time.

On the road, there are iron particles, and due to the magnetic effect of the material, they are attracted. Rust can be prevented by occasionally cleaning under the sticker. How? Easy! Remove the stickers then go through the car wash.

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