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T & D Auto Repair Services

Routine Maintenance

Ensure your vehicle is in top condition to avoid costly and unnecessary repairs.  This can include tune-ups and oil changes, exhaust issues, vehicle inspections, and more.


From leaking or low fluid levels to issues with your torque converter, clutch or solenoid, we provide complete transmission services including replacement when necessary.

Engine Repair

Let us find and fix the cause of that “check engine light”. Common engine services include repair or replacement of fuel pumps, sensors, thermostats, ignition coils and spark plugs.

Heating And Cooling

Our A/C specialists can make sure your comfort is never compromised by recharging your system, fixing a leak, or replacing your thermostat or heating coil and more.


Noises, vibrations, or spongy brakes should never be ignored. We can perform brake inspections, fluid exchanges, and replacement of pads, drums, rotors, lines, and hoses.


Batteries, wiring, gauges, fuses, starters, and computer problems are only some  examples of our complete electrical diagnosis and repair services.

About T & D Auto Repair

T & D Auto Repair is a full service complete auto repair facility serving customers in the Ormond Beach, Florida area.

A/C Specialist. All makes and models serviced and repaired. Fleet Service Specials.

"The Local Guys You Can Trust"


Marina Helm

The best and most honest mechanics in the business.  I drive from Palm Coast for their services.  Great job Dustin and Travis.

Marianne McGinnis

This place is awesome, great work, great guys, locally & family owned business.

Vicki Green Stevenson

Always confident referring friends here.  Honest, extremely loyal to their customers and very reasonable prices.

Rich Tidwell

Travis and Dustin are outstanding mechanics with fair pricing and quick turn around, highly recommend!

Jason Poirier

These two guys are fast and friendly WITH affordable prices to top it off . Will definately be bringing my car back to them for future repairs. In my opinion ...... THE BEST AROUND !!!!!!!!!

Robert Beverly Horn‎

I live out of state but I save my routine maintenance and any repairs that I can until I return to O.B. I trust these guys with the care of my daughter's car.

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