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What that car noise could mean…

Is your car sounding a little different to normal? Can you hear a squeal? A crunching noise? A weird exhaust rumble? Whatever you might be hearing, if your car is not sounding like it should then do not ignore it. There could be a number of reasons causing the noise, but here’s three common sounds to listen out for;


Does it happen if you push the brake pedal? If so then you should visit your nearest car mechanic as it likely means that your brake pads have worn down and will need to be replaced. Whilst it’s not an immediate danger, you should not leave it too long.

If the squealing is coming from under the hood instead, then this is indicative of a more serious problem – most likely your serpentine belt is worn and could be about to break. Rather than risk driving any further and needing to call out a recovery truck, book yourself in with your local mechanic and get them to fix it.

Rumbling exhaust

If your exhaust is making a deeper noise than normal, particularly when you accelerate, then it is likely that there is a hole in your exhaust. Whilst this does not affect the performance of your car, it can lead to dangerous fumes entering the car.


If there’s a crunching or grumbling noise when you try to start the car then it is likely the engine is not receiving enough power to start – which means it’s time to replace your battery. Whilst it might still power on now, it won’t be long until your battery has lost all power so replace it as soon as you can.

No matter what the noise might be that you can hear, don’t run the risk of it turning into something more expensive and visit your local mechanic today; more often than not it’s a quick and easy fix that can save you time – and look after your bank balance!

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