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What Could Be Wrong With Your Engine?

With a deficit in performance, poor acceleration, and a rough fuel economy, imagine your engine running on its last legs.

However, you are so much in love with this vehicle, but you do not want to harbor the thought of getting rid of it.

Well, you still have the option of either rebuilding or replacing its engine. Where else to turn to than T&D auto repair to get your favorite ride back to life.

Nevertheless, we will be taking a look at some issues that may occur. These are the signs that indicate it is time for a major engine repair or replacement.

Engine Repair Signs

Some of the issues you may across include:

  • Knocking loud sounds

When your engine starts sounding like a brick in a washing machine while you drive down the road, you are in for a repair.

Note that the moving parts of a car’s engine actually rests on the engine bearings. So, if they become worn out as a result of high mileage or even poor lubrication, they will start making loud knocking sounds.

Most times, issues like this will demand that the bottom end of your engine be rebuilt. T&D auto repair can get this fixed in no time.

  • Metal flakes in the oil

Whenever you change your oil, ensure that the old oil is thoroughly inspected for any form of metal shavings. This signifies that there is unwanted metal on metal contact occurring between those moving parts of your engine.

Furthermore, the poor lubrication and friction taking place have resulted in the wearing down of the engine parts. It occurs as a result of an oil leak occurring inside the engine and possibly being the oil itself.

  • Exhaust smoke

When so much smoke comes out of your car’s tailpipe, it signifies major engine issues. Blue smoke simply means that the engine is burning oil while black smoke signifies an increased amount of gasoline is getting burnt.

All of this can cause engine issues as a result of extreme heat being created through the ignition of the gasoline. As for white smoke, it may signify the burning of coolant. This means there is a leak in the cooling system, and your car is at the risk of overheating. It will likely result in extensive engine damage.

Mind you, T&D Auto repair can get all these issues fixed whenever you call on us.

  • Fuel injector issues

We are sure you never thought that fuel system problems could cause engine failure, right? Well, it happens more often than not. Moreover, your engine depends on the specific amount of fuel that is delivered at a certain time.

If this fuel is too much or even too little, the fuel gets injected. This will lead to crucial issues in the engine or the exhaust system.

Whenever so much fuel is injected inside the combustion chamber, it is referred to as burning rich. You will notice black smoke coming from the exhaust pipe. In a way, it is burnt fuel being carried out of the tailpipe.

Furthermore, the unburned particles tend to superheat the catalytic converter. This is not a good sign. If the catalytic converter melts, there will be so much backpressure on the car’s engine.

Possible things that can happen will be the seal blowing, engine overheating, or the engine can get blown up. Also, too much fuel can result in the engine getting flooded.

Excess fuel results in the spark plug tips getting wet, and it does not ignite the fuel or air mixture that is in the cylinder. Once the engine starts, the check engine light will come on, and the engine will run roughly.

  • Misfiring by the engine

On the other hand, when little fuel gets delivered to the cylinder of the engine, it is referred to as lean. This is a condition that results in engines being rebuilt and replaced.

When we say your engine is operating lean, it means it can misfire and function poorly. You will get to experience stumbling and a lack of power. There will be noises in the engine, and the damage will be taking place in the engine.

It will surprise you to note that fuel actually serves a cooling action while inside the cylinder. If the fuel is not much in the cylinder, it can burn very hot and result in core malfunctions.

It can result in the burn out of your spark plugs, piston rings, exhaust gasket, or even the Piston itself.


You should make sure that your car is always in good condition to prevent unnecessary repairs. However, for such routine inspections, exhaust problems, and oil changes, you can call us at T&D auto repair.

If you are experiencing leaks or low fluid level problems, T&D auto repair offers total transmission services. This also includes replacements whenever it is vital.

Getting Your Engine Fixed

Whenever your vehicle starts acting up, ensure that you take it to an auto repair mechanic that can easily diagnose the problem. The auto repair mechanic will offer options for the repair.

The best auto repair mechanic you can trust for the best repairs of your favorite vehicle is none other but T&D auto repair.

It does not really matter if the decision boils down to rebuilding or replacement of the engine; the work must be done on time. To get your car repair in Ormond Beach FL, head down to T&D auto repair

Wrapping It Up

When it comes down to engine repair, allow us to discover and quickly fix the issue. The usual engine services we offer include replacement or repair of sensors, ignition coils, and so much more.

The most important thing you need to know about us is that we provide full auto repair services for our customers. You do not need to search so hard for us as we are over at Ormond Beach, Florida. Always ready to render our services.

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