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8 Great Reasons To Buy A Hybrid

As hybrid vehicles become increasingly more popular choices in America, many people are considering whether a hybrid is the right choice for their next vehicle purchase.

A hybrid vehicle is described as any automobile that uses two or more types of  power. All hybrid cars manufactured today have both an internal combustion engine like you would find in a traditional car, as well as a battery pack and electric motor.  Here is a list of 8 great reasons you might want to become a hybrid owner.

1) Better Fuel Economy – With many hybrid vehicle models getting more than 100 MPG (2018 Toyota Prius Prime Plus tops the current list at a reported 133 MPG) it’s easy to see how savings can quickly add up, especially when considering the price of gas in today’s economy.

2) Cheaper Car Insurance – Many insurance companies offer instant discounts simply for owning a hybrid vehicle. Across the board, almost all hybrid owners will pay less in insurance costs compared to owners of a traditional vehicle.

3) It’s The Responsible Choice – While there is still a certain percentage of people out there who might wrinkle their nose at the thought of purchasing a hybrid vehicle due to the “type” they associate with it, the vast majority of Americans have begun to acknowledge that’s it’s actually great to be both environmentally friendly and financially responsible.

4) Great For The Environment – By using much less gasoline, hybrid cars give off less emissions that are linked to increasing greenhouse gases, reducing smog and protecting Earth’s ozone layer.

5) Less Frequent Oil Changes – A hybrid car typically requires an oil change after every 5,000 to 6,000 miles – about half as often as a traditional vehicle – resulting in even further savings of both time and money.

6) Increased Safety Factor – Sometimes, an accident simply can’t be avoided, and when that happens, you’ll be grateful you’re driving a hybrid car. Because hybrids require less gasoline, and has a nickel laid battery instead of a lead acid battery like you would find in a traditional vehicle, hybrids have less potential for a serious disaster in the case of an accident.

7) Tax Incentives – In some states, hybrid buyers may qualify for income tax credits, still furthering your potential savings. This varies from state to state, so check to see if this applies in your area and circumstances.

8) You Can (probably) Keep Your Mechanic – While there are some obvious differences, hybrids are similar enough to traditional cars that most mechanics can still perform regular maintenance, repairs, and body work.

If you are intending on a vehicle purchase in the near future, keep and open mind and at least consider investing in a hybrid car. The potential savings, peace of mind, and similarity to a conventional vehicle might just add up to the right choice for you.


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