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Six Tips to Keep Your Car Paint Like the First Day

We always want to preserve the paint on our car like the first day we bought it. However, environmental conditions and daily use end up damaging the good condition and appearance of the paint.

If you want to keep the painting in good condition, these 6 practical tips will help you out

#1 Do not use dry fabrics

Having little time to clean your car, it is common that you have used dry fabrics to remove dirt. However, this practice ends up being harmful. It creates small scratches in the paint. If you do not have much time to wash it and you see that your car is full of dust, it is advisable to use wet fabrics.

#2 Wash your car often

If you want to preserve the brightness of your car and eliminate any external dust that can mistreat it, then it is recommended to do a traditional wash. Do it at least once every two weeks. In case you cannot wash your car for lack of time, you can always leave it in a washing center. This is where you will get a good result and the best possible care of your vehicle.

#3 Apply a car wax Frequently

If you are looking to enhance the colors of your car and give it that shine of “new car”, then you cannot stop applying wax. When you apply it, you are creating an artificial layer that protects the paint from moisture and dust. You can apply it once a month. Then, you will see how your car stays in excellent condition.

#4 Apply a good polish to the paint

The paint will wear out over time. Therefore, applying a good polish will eliminate scratches and revive the colors of your car. This is a job that should be done with great care. A misuse of this technique can affect your vehicle. It is recommended to leave this work for the professionals to avoid any damage

#5 Quickly eliminate the “bird dirts”

If the birds decide to leave “little gifts” in your car, take out a damp cloth as soon as you can and clean the dirty area. Do not wait for a long time. When it is drying, it will be more difficult to clean. Perhaps, you will also scratch the paint of your vehicle when doing it. In addition, if you leave it for a long time, the feces can damage the painting because of the reaction of the acids.

#6 Park your car in the garage whenever possible

You want to keep your car in good condition, not only the paint, but also the interior of your car. If your car is inside, the paint of your vehicle is protected from the ultraviolet rays of the sun. It will also prevent dust from the environment. Thus, you will prevent the paint from wearing down.

Do you have any other idea to maintain the shiny look of your car? Let us know in the comment below!




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