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What are Car Maintenance You Can Do Yourself?

As we have often said: car trouble can never be prevented entirely. It is, however, possible to maintain and monitor your car yourself. A side note must be added: many modern vehicles are linked together by the electronics. To ensure that everything works correctly, you have to go to the garage (unless you want to purchase the low-cost equipment yourself and can work with it). With the coming tips you will get confident when it comes to maintaining your car

Check The Tires

You can adequately check the tires yourself. As the tires wear away, they become less safer to drive on. Flat tire is not only dangerous, it also affect your driving performance and gasoline consumption. Ideally, you must change the tires once every few months if you use the car daily.

Replace The Wiper

This is one of the few things that a non-techie can easily solve. At least, if you have an older car, you can do this. It may seem like a lot of work, but once you do it, it is easy. If you measure the blade of the windshield wiper in centimeters, you have the approximate size. You can buy good wiper blades at the garage. Do you have a modern car? Then it can be more challenging. Ideally, ask your garage so you can get help.

Check Oil Level And Top Up Oil

Have you ever driven around in a car without oil? Your car will last for a maximum twenty seconds without oil. Then, your car is kind of ready for the scrap. Therefore, never wait for the oil lamp to light up, but regularly check your oil and top up in time when necessary.

Polling is not difficult, but the right attributes are not in the same place as every car (pay attention to which oil you use. Your garage can tell you what you need). Look in the manual of your vehicle to read how you gauge the oil (or google it).

Top Up Coolant Reservoir

If you do not want your car to boil, it is also useful to check out the coolant. It is effortless to check whether the coolant tank is filled. A thermometer is usually shown on the cap of the container.

The tank is also marked with dashes with ‘min’ and ‘max’ to indicate the optimum level. Please note: you must bear in mind that you can only top up the coolant when the engine of your car is cold. If the engine is still hot, pressure has built up, causing the (heated) coolant to spray up your face.

Replace Bulbs

Lamps are essential and not having your lighting in good condition is intolerable. Therefore, check on all your lights regularly (have a friend walk around the car while you also test the brake lights and indicators). In some cases, you can easily replace bulbs yourself (at least with halogen or incandescent bulbs).

It does depend a bit on your car. In modern cars, replacing lights is so complicated that it needs to be done by a mechanic. That certainly applies to special lights, such as your third brake light. We hope that these tips help you. If you want to know more, you can always contact us!

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